About our Partnership - BHES and eCenter Research, Inc.

Bringing innovative technology and data collection solutions to behavioral health organizations

BHES and eCenter Research, Inc. share the mission of bringing innovative and affordable technology and data collection solutions to behavioral health organizations. We believe that without access to real-time outcomes data behavioral health practitioners are at a great disadvantage in making sound treatment decisions. In addition, we know that innovative technology solutions can often be costly and difficult to adopt. 

Together, we work to provide a seamless service that includes a state-of-the art data platform and evidence-based implementation and data collection services.   

eCenter Research, Inc.

With clients all over the world, eCenter Research, Inc. specializes in customizing data platforms to meet the exact needs of clients. Customizations are affordable and made in days so clients can be flexible in meeting new data requirements.


BHES specializing in helping behavioral health organizations become data and quality improvement-driven at all levels of the agency. We believe that data collection initiatives often fail due to poorly executed implementation plans. This leads to staff feeling that outcomes measures are "just another burdensome documentation requirement". We aim to prevent this from happening for the clients we serve.

electronic Behavioral Health Solutions - CA (eBHS-CA)

About the eBHS-CA Data Platform

eBHS-CA is a web-based data platform developed by eCenter Research, Inc. eBHS-CA was developed specifically to meet the needs of California-based behavioral health providers. After years of development, eBHS-CA now includes the outcomes measures and assessment tools most commonly used in California.  

eBHS-CA features

  • Flexible, customizable, user-friendly
  • Secure data storage
  • HIPAA and CFR-42 compliant
  • Can link to other data sources 
  • Affordable for government-funded providers and non-profit organizations

eBHS-CA Collections Include: 


Outcomes Measures and Assessment Tools: 

  • PHQ-9
  • GAD-7
  • YOQ/YOQ-SR/OQ-45
  • Milestones Of Recovery Scale (MORS)
  • Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale
  • CANS (including California Core 50)
  • PSC-35
  • ASAM
  • Basis-24
  • Global Functioning Scale 
  • Psychotic Rating Scale
  • Illness Management and Recovery Scale

Timeliness Measures: 

  • Access to Services 
  • Post Hospitalization Follow-up 
  • Assessment for Urgent Conditions

Care Coordination, and Service Prioritization Measures:

  • Whole Person Care - Care Coordination Plan
  • Vulnerability Index- Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool 

As a developer of the eBHS-CA dashboard designs, BHES partners with eCenter Research, Inc. to implement data-driven practice using state-of-the-art technology. 

Besides data platform access, services include: 

  • Assistance with selecting outcomes measures
  • Dashboard/aggregate report template design
  • Implementation support to ensure successful use of the eBHS-CA data platform
  • Support in developing data collection protocol and workflow
  • Guidance in reviewing and interpreting data results
  • Technical Assistance in review and interpretation of external data collection mandates

For more information, complete the eBHS-CA Request Form below OR email Rikke Addis at Rikke@BHEStrategies.com or text/call (916) 420-518


eBHS-CA Request Form

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CANS ebhs 8.5x11 flyer (pdf)


eBHS-CA Project Examples


Small County Whole Person Care Initiative

County Behavioral Health - Timeliness of Services Measures, PHQ-9, GAD-7

County Behavioral Health - CANS, PSC-35, and ASAM Criteria