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Rikke Addis has over 15 years of experience helping behavioral health organizations become data-driven.  Rikke started her career working in research and quality improvement departments at children's mental health, non-profit organizations. Later, Rikke served as a California-based state-wide evaluation consultant, assisting California counties in collecting outcomes and client satisfaction data. Rikke has conducted over 400 interviews with children, youth, caregivers, social workers, and probation officers served or working in the EPSDT specialty mental health system in California. As a cultural anthropologist, Rikke spent 2 years doing field work among at-risk youth to understand stories of suffering and trauma. Rikke is a Certified Feedback-Informed Treatment trainer



BHES specializes in helping behavioral health organizations become data and quality improvement-driven at all levels of the organization. We believe that data collection initiatives often fail due to poorly executed implementation plans. This leads to staff feeling that outcomes measures are "just another burdensome documentation requirement". We aim to prevent this from happening for the clients we serve by encouraging participatory evaluation approaches and feedback-informed treatment. We see evaluation and quality improvement as going hand-in hand when data-driven culture is embraced within organizations. 

“Everyone in the classroom has a story that leads to misbehavior or defiance. Nine times out of ten, the story behind the misbehavior won’t make you angry.

It will break your heart.”   - Annette Breaux

Expertise and Interests

  • Accreditation
  • Medical Site Certification
  • Anthropology
  • Ethnography
  • Cultural Responsiveness
  • Social Suffering Theory
  • Child and Family Team Meetings
  • Research
  • Evidence-based Practice
  • Participatory Evaluation
  • Focus Groups
  • Interviews
  • Oral History
  • Community-Defined Practice
  • Child Welfare Policy and Practice
  • High Fidelity Wraparound: Wraparound Fidelity Index and Team Observation Measure
  • Community Care Licensing - Group Home Regulations
  • Technological Ethnography - using technology to improve practice
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Quality Improvement
  • Quality Assurance

“To create a life is to create a life out of the materials that history has given you.”
Kwame Anthony Appiah, The Ethics of Identity

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