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Putting real-time data in the hands of service providers!

Research shows that tracking progress in treatment, and adjusting treatment based on client feedback, significantly improves outcomes

About the eInsight Data Platform

About the eInsight Data Platform

eInsight is a web-based data platform developed specifically to meet the needs of behavioral health providers. After years of development, eInsight now includes the outcomes measures and assessment tools most commonly used in behavioral health organizations.  

eInsight features

  • Flexible, customizable, user-friendly
  • Secure data storage
  • HIPAA and CFR-42 compliant
  • Can link to other data sources 
  • Affordable for government-funded providers and non-profit organizations

eInsight Collections Include: 


Outcomes Measures and Assessment Tools: 

  • PHQ-9
  • GAD-7
  • YOQ/YOQ-SR/OQ-45 (domain scores)
  • Milestones Of Recovery Scale (MORS)
  • Columbia Suicide Severity Rating Scale
  • CANS (including California Core 50 and additional modules)
  • PSC-35
  • ASAM
  • Basis-24
  • Global Functioning Scale 
  • Psychotic Rating Scale
  • Illness Management and Recovery Scale

Timeliness Measures: 

  • Access to Services 
  • Post Hospitalization Follow-up 
  • Assessment for Urgent Conditions

Care Coordination and Service Prioritization Measures:

  • Whole Person Care - Care Coordination Plan
  • Vulnerability Index- Service Prioritization Decision Assistance Tool 

Besides data platform access, services include: 

  • Assistance with selecting outcomes measures
  • Dashboard/aggregate report template design
  • Implementation support to ensure successful use of the eBHS-CA data platform
  • Support in developing data collection protocol and workflow
  • Guidance in reviewing and interpreting data results
  • Technical Assistance in review and interpretation of external data collection mandates

For more information, complete the eInsight Request Form below OR email Rikke Addis at Rikke@BHEStrategies.com or text/call (916) 

Consumer Perception Surveys (MHSIP) Data Reporting Solution


Running domain scores and satisfaction rates

Ability to run domain scores and satisfaction rates to see satisfaction ratings that fall below the satisfaction cut-off

Drilling down to individual survey question responses

Ability to drill down to individual survey questions to see which questions may be the result of lower satisfaction rates

Filtering data

Ability to filter data by client characteristics and demographics, and by provider, to see if satisfaction rates differ based on population characteristics, such as race, gender, age

Save and print reports

Save and print reports for easy distribution to providers, counties or other stakeholders

State-wide map for state departments

For state departments, state-wide map view is available to see satisfaction rate comparisons between counties and providers

eInsight Request Form


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eInsight Project Examples


Small County Whole Person Care Initiative

County Behavioral Health - Timeliness of Services Measures, PHQ-9, GAD-7

County Behavioral Health - CANS, PSC-35, and ASAM Criteria